Welcome to our family of leather goods. In our world customers come first and customer satisfaction and quality products take the center stage.
Asthanaz International is an outstanding leather trading company led by prominent business leaders. Through credibility, trustworthiness, fair dealing and customer oriented approach we have gained prominence as exporters of leather products. Started with humble beginning, Asthanaz International today is well known name in many parts of the Globe for its commitment towards Quality, Service and Price.
Asthanaz International provides diverse B2B solutions to suppliers, trading firms, as well as merchants across the globe. We have successfully completed various orders in many countries by supplying quality Products at best prices.
Most importantly, our beliefs, ethical values, morals and ideology is of utmost importance to us and we take pleasure in serving our clients with aforementioned code of conduct. We are proud to have an organization like this and would like to invite you to be part of our family. As per our Exporting records, our company is acknowledged supplier of its Products to many countries Europe, Asia, Africa and USA.